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Original Position: From its beginning in 1982, Koma Precision has been dedicated to providing the highest quality manufacturing equipment and technology to its partners. They needed a website that reflected their position as a global leader in manufacturing & distributing parts for OEMs.

Solution: Distribution and Manufacturing powerhouse Koma Precision partnered with DBS to redefine how their website caters to its users and generates quality leads. With a prominent new logo, user-focused navigation, and engaging product information designed to support visitors on an international scale we created a website for those who are seeking precision manufacturing parts. The downloadable specs and individual product profiles make Koma Precision an intuitive website for engineers and upper-management professionals alike.


Core Web Vitals:

  • First Contentful Paint: from over 3 second site average to 1 second site average
  • Largest Contentful Paint: from over 7 second site average to 1 second site average
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: from over a 0.4 second site average to 0.013 second site average
  • Conversion to PWA: A conversion to PWA from a traditional website allowed Koma to better connect with their audience, even with no internet.
  • Accessibility: To ensure inclusivity of all parties, an accessibility score of 100 was made a priority and achieved.

Results: the Koma Precision and DBS Interactive partnership produced a user experience that is inclusive, aesthetically pleasing, and informative for all parties that have a hand in the B2B decision-making process. The resulting website was one that outperformed expectations earning near-perfect marks in Core Web Vitals, SEO, Best Practices, and other important ranking factors for website discoverability and user experience.


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