Gibson Website Redesign & Direct-to-Consumer Launch

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For Gibson — one of the premier names in American guitars — Modus worked collaboratively with their entire direct-to-consumer organization on a daily basis to achieve company-wide change. Leading efforts on technology, UX, marketing, operations, and design, Modus helped them deliver a modern, direct-to-consumer platform and omnichannel digital experience that reinvented the brand and rocked the industry.

Gibson has now built out its direct selling capabilities through its website to become a successful e-commerce channel for the business. With its streamlined website and branding, Gibson has been able to execute digital initiatives faster, such as rolling out its new Gibson Certified Vintage program, which merchandises some of the most valuable, high-quality vintage electric guitars in its vault direct to consumers online. In fact, the DTC business is a healthy part of the overall sales, and many high-end collections posted online sell out in minutes.

With Modus as its digital innovation partner, Gibson is exploring ways to optimize its digital properties and further encourage brand loyalty on an ongoing basis, including platform enhancement, design system refinement, content optimization, and roadmapping.

Additionally, the creation of the Gibson brand book has been a defining moment that everyone at the company — from factory floor to front office — has rallied around, and are proud to show the world. It’s now a fundamental part of the onboarding experience into this hallowed brand.


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