The Spirit of Yorkshire – Website Redesign and Development

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The Spirit of Yorkshire website was designed to showcase Filey Bay Whisky – a new, award winning English Whisky that competed within a Whisky industry which has been established for over 1000 years.

The concept for the site was ‘tangible’. The Whisky bottle has an amazing pattern and texture. When users visit the product pages or Filey Bay showcase page, we wanted to make them feel like they were touching the bottle.

As well as showcasing the whisky, the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery tours are integral to the brand experience. So, the online tour booking experience needed to be immersive enough to encourage users to visit and take the tour.

Since the website’s been live, the bounce rate has decreased by 42% and the conversion rate’s increased by 28% within just 4 weeks. Early signs that we’re already providing a better experience for The Spirit of Yorkshire customers.


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