HOKA – “At a Conversation’s Pace” Content Series

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The Clifton, the HOKA brand’s most inclusive and popular shoe, has cemented itself as a top 5 shoe in the running space with the perfect weight vs. cushioning ratio, creating its distinctly smooth ride. To launch the 9th iteration of the iconic Clifton shoe, we doubled down on one of the core brand values for HOKA: enable all runners to fly higher and inspire new runners to join us at the starting line.

Sometimes we just need a little company to get us started…or keep us going. Tapping into this insight, we created a content series to showcase just how easy and more enjoyable a run can be when you have the right gear and the right company to match.

At a Conversation’s Pace invites us on a run with charismatic and funny host, Gerald Flores, and running buddies Tom Black, Emily Abbate, and Kate Glavan, each with a unique conversation and corresponding episode. The series drives conversation’s that dive into each person’s backgrounds, passions, running journeys and how movement helps them feel good outside of running, to inspire and motivate new and seasoned runners.

However, At a Conversation’s Pace is more than just your average interview. Not only is Gerald interviewing each guest while both run on side-by-side treadmills, the run is gamified to get harder as the conversation continues, moving beyond the conversational pace for a little fun and suspense. As the speed and intensity of the treadmill increases, the questions also get a little deeper and more difficult, but these two running buddies have each other through it all.

We created vertical short-form video content & horizontal long-form video content to share these interviews & stories across priority platforms. Coupled with the Clifton 9 launch hype and product imagery, we first introduced the series with a compilation trailer and dropped Episode 1, and then rolled out individual episodes and cutdowns on a weekly basis. Each guest had a long-form interview that lived as an Episode on YouTube, in addition to an episode cutdown & Rapid Fire cutdown that was shared on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook to drive to the full-length episode.


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