A Date Night You Won’t Forget

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Our primary objective was to establish Stater Bros. Markets as the go-to destination for customers seeking fresh, affordable, and community-focused grocery shopping experiences. To achieve this, we developed a real-life scenario that demonstrated how Stater Bros. Markets could be “there” for their customers in a relatable and approachable way. We wanted the campaign to highlight the value that Stater Bros. Markets places on their customers and their commitment to building lasting relationships within their communities.

Our strategy was centered around three key personas: the Loyal Shopper, the Infrequent Shopper, and the Affluent Shopper. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of each persona, we were able to guide the goals, tone, and content of our messaging to resonate with them effectively. Our ultimate goal was to create a campaign that would appeal to all three personas while still reinforcing Stater Bros. Markets’ key brand values.

To achieve this, we developed the “Date Night” campaign with a relatable and approachable storyline that would appeal to a broad audience. By featuring a woman as the butcher and a young man seeking her help to prepare a steak dinner for his date, we challenged traditional gender roles and conveyed a warm interaction that would resonate with all three personas.


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