Increasing lead generation by 277% over 3 months

Advertising & Marketing | Brand Strategy

Spatial Future, previously an architectural firm, came to us for a rebranding project and marketing launch to expand their services with their new design, build and interiors offering. We developed a new brand identity to encompass both their architectural experience and their new vision for self-builds and renovations.

We carried out a successful launch of their new brand across web, PR, social media, and paid advertising. In the first 3 months of launch, we secured tier 1 coverage in Homes & Gardens, with 8.4 million potential impressions, leading to 5 leads from prospective customers. We carried out a social media campaign, increasing their social media reach by 1,672% and engagement by 418%. We had a KPI of achieving 3 leads per month from prospective customers across the Midlands, which we surpassed by 489% with 53 leads between August and November 2022.

This activity took place as the cost of living increased, with mortgage offers withdrawn and record-high interest rates, and the market for residential projects depleted. We focused our efforts in the areas that still had demand, to maximise visibility and budget to overcome a challenge where they couldn’t forecast cash flow beyond March 2023. They are now in place where they are booked with projects until mid-2024 and are able to grow their team to meet the demand that we’ve brought to them.

Our client, Spatial Future, appointed us over bigger agencies because of our real passion to understand their customers, ambitions and vision. Dominic Skinner, Director of Architecture, said that “I wanted to say how amazing it has been to work with Rewind Creative. It’s been a great experience and you all are extremely talented in what you do. Spatial Future has moved into a really good place and with a bright future that you’ve played a huge part in creating. Thank you.”


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