Garrett Popcorn Website Redesign

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Garrett Popcorn‘s previous site had product pages with only a few item listed per page, and product detail pages that covered the many different variations of each item. With this structure, it appeared as if Garrett only had a handful of products rather than the huge variety that’s available. To understand the Garret Popcorn customer experience, Codal went to several of the retailer’s physical locations to watch how customers interacted in person and figure out how to bring that over to an online experience. Then, Codals’ UX team audited the site design and provided a new user experience where users could see the different offerings available on one page before clicking on a product detail page. The new design provides an effective eCommerce UX optimized to increase conversion and ultimately lead to stronger customer engagement.

Because Garrett is a gift retailer, the project also required building special functionality for things like multiple product variants, order customization, and shipping. Working in tandem with the UX design team, Codal’s agile developers created a custom “build your tin” feature with intelligent logic to allow customers to create their own unique popcorn recipe combinations in multiple sizes with optional add-ons. The team also built a custom inventory application with real-time inventory checks across the site to avoid overselling, as well as a feature that allows customers to select future ship dates, and ship to multiple locations in a single order. Finally, the team implemented key functionality for payments via digital wallets, allowing customers to purchase Garrett products using Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Garrett needed a true design and development partner to craft intelligent, aesthetically-pleasing digital journeys that mirror the historic Garrett brand and replicate the in-store experience that the company prizes. From our user testing, Codal created a design that users said made them feel “clean, fresh, crisp, cheerful, colorful, delicious, nostalgic, high-end, indulgent, unique, balanced, respected, and homey.” This design not only lead to a 10x increase in conversions but also drove clicks to product pages that had never seen engagement with the previous design. Within just 45 days of launching, they were tracking $2 million more in sales month over month. ​​With an intuitive, customer-focused user experience and first-rate functionality, this new eCommerce site brings Garrett Popcorn into the 21st century.


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