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Limber Health is a digital home exercise, remote monitoring, data analytics, and care navigation solution for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Limber reached out to Scale to help them with this project with very clear goals and expectations: the website needed to have a strong conversion strategy, and it needed to be completed in an expedited timeline. We thrive in these conditions.

Having worked with Limber in the past for their V1app product, we knew how important a successful redesign was for them. It was a no-brainer for us. We took their new brand standards and redesigned the website from the ground up. The website needed to be streamlined for a good reading experience, to ensure their target audience got the information they needed quickly. In addition, we included plenty of opportunities to turn their qualified users into leads by clearly denoting conversion points and forms.

Given their funding schedule, this website needed to go live fast. We completed the work, from the contract signed to going live in less than 4 weeks. To do that, we leveraged Figman and Webflow which allowed our design team to quickly iterate and show our client.

We’re extremely proud of this project, and continue to support the website with additional features and content.


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