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North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) partnered with Mighty Citizen to solve their lack of local awareness and redesign their website that did not align with their organizational goals. Updating their website’s design, user experience, and content would create a more consumer-friendly resource and better connect with their audiences. The overarching strategy would allow the website to:

  • Understand what NFBWA is and how their work impacts their local community
  • Educate audiences on subsidence
  • Show how water providers and residents could implement water conservation efforts
  • Learn about NFBWA large scale projects, rebate opportunities, and rates

After the website redesign, NFBWA has been able to better communicate with their audiences and begin working towards larger organizational goals through their website. This led to a drastic decrease in the site’s bounce rate (56.26% to 10.28%), meaning that the site was much more engaging for users—making it less likely to exit the site without action. Likewise, year-over-year, the number of sessions per use increased by 4.25% and the average pages/session increased by 8.40%. Ultimately, North Fort Bend Water Authority has the information and resources they need to promote water conservation in an organized, user-friendly, and beautiful website.


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