Expo Dubai Xplorer

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The Expo Dubai Xplorer multiplayer experience allows anyone anywhere to experience the magic of Expo 2020 Dubai with friends and family. The app features real-time connectivity between on-site and remote users, an interactive digital twin of the 4km2 site, and magical AR spectacles.

By using ARCore Cloud Anchors by Google for hundreds of location-specific activations around the site, visitors will experience entertaining and educational AR content relevant to wherever they are at Expo 2020 Dubai. AR activations including mysterious portals to far-off places, treasure hunts through history, and magical creature encounters are all aligned to real-world locations with centimetre accuracy. This is currently one of the largest deployments of ARCore Cloud Anchors in the world.

Geospatial authoring interfaces and global content delivery networks for updating and publishing new content in real-time enable designers to release new interactive AR experiences anywhere on the site during the run of Expo 2020 Dubai. Powered by a set of cloud-hosted services, content is automatically streamed down to the user’s device when they approach a location or interact with an experience, without impacting the application’s install size. This enables users to experience any number of magical AR moments, all from a relatively small application on their device, and new or updated experiences can be pushed while the visitor is still in the app.

Remote visitors can access the same AR content and experiences, over a connected digital twin of the site, via an interface similar to popular mobile games like Fortnite or Roblox.

More info here: https://www.magnopus.com/expo-2020


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