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Flexia Pilates is a wellness and exercise content company that is reimagining the way Pilates is experienced. After receiving their Reformer (Pilates specific machine), users will be directed to the online studio. The online studio is a place for practitioners to search for relevant content based on their skill level, time commitment, desired effort level. Users can also search through “Collections” (video playlists) or search by a specific instructor. Users will find an ever-expanding library of video content where licensed Pilates instructors will guide participants through a world-class exercise experience. In taking a pre-class and post-class survey to asses mood and energy level, Users will be able to track which types of classes give them the most energy and make them feel the best after completion. Pilates online studio is seeking to revolutionize the world of Pilates and increase the accessibility of authentic Pilates classes to the world.


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