Vehicle Deployment App UI Design

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Our client needed help creating an app for vehicle fleet management. Because these vehicles were electric, they wanted all the vehicle and driver details easily available to drivers, fleet managers, and administrators.

While stakeholders had the features they wanted displayed on a prototype, they needed the interface to match the high-tech capabilities of their offerings.

The Solution
We needed the interface to display all the capabilities of the app in an organized and modern way, and develop how task flows might look for the different user personas.

With the guidance of stakeholder direction, our team at Standard Beagle set out to create a high-fidelity mockup that not only looked great, but applied our knowledge of UX design to make it easy to use.

Our goals for designing this platform were:

  • Determine the hierarchy of information
  • Create a style guide and library of components for developers to reference
  • Design a clickable prototype showcasing each user flow


We delivered a high-fidelity prototype and style guide in an intensive, weeklong turnaround.

Stakeholders were happy with the results and our ability to meet their needs on a tight schedule, and our willingness to follow up after the initial delivery.


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