Content Marketing Campaign Generates $16 Million in Sales for Master Planned Community

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Strategy, Audience and Goals

When Neon Ambition began working with Benloch Ranch, a master planned community near Park City, UT, its website consisted simply of brochureware. Search engine optimization elements were missing, as were calls to action. In short, their digital presence wasn’t serving them well and represented a missed opportunity to get the attention of prospective buyers.

The Neon Ambition team began by performing persona research to identify the client’s target audience and their housing needs, as well as their main pain points. Our research led us to develop a strategy for producing resonant, SEO-friendly content to reach Benloch Ranch’s ideal client base. The strategy not only accentuated currently available real estate offerings, but also created forward-looking demand, helping prospective buyers envision and desire future construction.
We developed campaigns focusing on the persona work and their target audience’s lifestyle-related interests. Content campaigns are visually rich, with messaging that demonstrates understanding of what Benloch Ranch’s client base cares about, from affordable luxury living to active-lifestyle activities in the area. We also developed call-to-action banners that truly speak to visitors and provide information that interests them. Emails, landing pages, and videos now speak to the buyer journey.

In addition, the Neon Ambition team also audited Benloch Ranch’s existing site, searching for opportunities to better engage its visitors. That led to designing several engagement points on every website page and retooling the navigation. And forms were honed to use them as lead qualifying tool, giving sales staff valuable information such as visitors’ home buying price ranges, lifestyle interests and industry affiliations. Additionally, every page now includes a newsletter sign-up form and direct contact points, maximizing the chances of connecting directly with consumers.


Neon Ambition’s efforts on behalf of Benloch Ranch have paid off handsomely, starting with our persona work. Because we know exactly who we need to reach and how to create resonant content for Benloch Ranch’s target audience, we created an email introducing a new line of townhouses that achieved an open rate of 43%, while the industry average for real estate is just 19.17%. Our CTA click rate in the email for Benloch Ranch is 11.8%, while the industry average is just 1.7%. What’s more, among those who opened Benloch Ranch emails and clicked on a link inside, the click-through rate reached an impressive 27.4%.

One contributing factor triggering buyers to ultimately purchase a $1 million-plus townhome is the video symbol at the top of a static image, which is connected to a landing page with the full video. This image has a very robust 51.3% click-through rate, leading to $16 million in sales within the first year alone. Neon Ambition’s positioning of Benloch Ranch as a high-luxury yet affordable, adventure-living community has created unprecedented demand for not only pre-built homes, but for future construction as well. For example, a recent Benloch Ranch campaign driven by email resulted in 31 entries from people wanting to sign up to get on a list to buy a $1 million-plus townhome within three days. Those are exactly the kinds of results that Neon Ambition’s team of experienced professionals can strategize and execute to perfection.


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