The new voice of the coffee: repositioning Caffè Cagliari

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The journey in repositioning Caffè Cagliari has been made through the analysis of the market first, and then through the consumer’s perception and feeling around the benefits of the brand.

The goal was to enhance the values that make Caffè Cagliari stand out compared to its competitors: the family as the pillar that has made big the brand since 1800; the approach to produce a high-quality coffee like in an artisan way despite the industrialization of the production process; the well-being of the people who work for the brand. Those pillars have been the stepping stones to develop the new company website.

Indeed, Caffè Cagliari had only one website both for the institutional part and for the e-commerce.

The strategic team suggested to separate the two realities: one website to present the brand with its strong points, and one more focused on the online selling looking more towards the B2C world.


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