Rethink. Performance

Advertising & Marketing | Brand Strategy, Integrated Campaign, Landing Page

In September 2021, Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook and Amazon, launched its first-ever digital-first brand campaign. The provocative omnichannel campaign called “Rethink. Performance” challenges CMOs to shift their perspectives around some of the industry’s most hot-button issues, from data privacy to navigating the walled gardens.

Tinuiti is the first performance marketing firm to leverage the proprietary OTT technology of Bliss Point Media (acquired by Tinuiti in August 2021). “Rethink. Performance” currently runs across streaming TV, social media, display ads, online video, mobile, and audio streaming with all channels driving to the unique landing page provided. In true performance marketing form, the campaign was not set in stone at launch, rather it is being optimized in-flight as it becomes clear which messaging and audience targeting is performing best. The campaign, created in-house by Tinuiti, leverages the strategies, tools, technologies, and platforms that Tinuiti has used to grow its clients.

Although the campaign is still running, it has been dubbed a smashing success.


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