Boosting’s App Store Presence

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Finance apps are a booming business, and the competition is fierce. This has made it easier for the average joe to get started on a journey of financial investment, but many feel that they lack the knowledge and experience to take that first step with confidence.

Finance and trading app understood this and approached us to help them stand out in the app store – the final gateway for any app, which turns a visitor with an iPhone into a customer. We wanted to ensure the app’s most important aspects – safety, versatility and simplicity – were communicated as quickly and clearly as possible.

In addition to the standard screenshots, we began work on an app preview – a video that displays in the app stores in order to help convince potential users that the app they’re looking at is the right one for them. Apple’s strict limitations on duration (30 seconds or less) meant we had to consider our messaging carefully, and so we started right off the bat with a nod to a risk-free demo account, perfectly suited for those taking their first step into the world of investments. We then demonstrated important abilities of the app using slick UI animations, an upbeat backing track and big, punchy captions to land the app’s value proposition – an intuitive, user-friendly experience that guides traders – both novice and seasoned – through the world of commodities, shares, Forex, CFD’s and more.

After producing the English language version of the video, we then localised the app preview into additional languages like German and French, to spread its impact even further.


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