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Quantum Law & Consulting is a Nashville-based business attorney providing consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike that are engaged in domestic and international commerce. Founded in 2017, Quantum Law requested a colorful site that would stand out from the more standard sites of its local competitor firms, align with its modern approach to legal services, and reflect the ever-evolving world of business.

The primary goal was to appeal to and target a younger demographic, while also remaining simple enough for users of all ages to navigate. The fonts utilized are an extension of the graphic elements throughout, serving as a guide for the user. For example, call-to-action sections are definitive but woven naturally into the flow of information.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Horton Group introduced both new colors and a logo that immediately felt bold and loud. The design’s large graphic elements were built to match but are very minimal in many areas to help balance the site.


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