Clipsal Virtual Smart Home

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Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s new Wiser smart home product range is a scalable, automated smart home solution that lets the user control almost anything in a home with a smartphone or voice assistant.

From opening blinds and closing blinds, to adjusting air-conditioning, dimming lights, or turning appliances on or off, the Wiser range allows the user to adjust their environment to suit their needs. It can also provide warnings for abnormal situations, such as when motion is detected inside a house, or when there is water leakage, or high levels of heat or humidity. Wiser also allows the user to program combinations of settings, based around the smart home products they have in their home.

Clipsal wanted to provide customers with a virtual smart home tour to showcase the Wiser range. To realise this vision, it enlisted the help of Luminary and a 3D visualisation studio called Plattar. The result was a virtual experience that has set new industry standards and laid the foundation for an immersive and engaging platform to launch future Clipsal product ranges.


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