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As the leading nonprofit for lung health, the American Lung Association had specific needs that a total website redesign had to reflect. Every aspect of the project – from page design to SEO to user experience – had to support its vision: a world free of lung disease.

But what does “a world free of lung disease” look like, practically, as a website? After in-depth conversations with users and stakeholders, Rise used quantitative and qualitative user data to approach these goals:

  • The site needed to serve the American Lung Association’s constituents, no matter where they were in the country.
  • The site needed to display the vast amount of research and resources available in an easy-to-access, streamlined way.
  • The site needed to have modern, scalable technology that empowers its internal stakeholders.

And it has to do it all while being visually reflective of the American Lung Association’s stature and reputation in the industry.

By catering to the American Lung Association’s mission and responding to their needs as a nonprofit, we crafted a website that streamlined interfaces, empowered internal stakeholders to update & control the content, and communicated the association’s values and reputation of contributing to global lung health in 2020.

The partnership between Rise and American Lung Association has resulted in exceptional performance improvements for the brand and several industry awards, including the dotCOMM Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, and WebAwards.

  • Organic sessions up 20%
  • New users up 21% and Users overall from organic at 23%
  • Conversation rate up 273%
  • Page load time improved by 20 seconds


Other benefits include:

  • Completely new brand with stronger web presence
  • Easier and more intuitive site navigation
  • Localized and more relevant content based on geolocation for personalization
  • Improved site visibility
  • Improved site speed



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