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Over nearly four decades, Wiley has been at the forefront of defining the legal and regulatory frameworks for the most instrumental change-makers in the world. But the firm has evolved significantly over the years—and as its team accelerated into a new decade, it needed an identity and website that could effectively communicate its legacy of impact, as well as its vision for the future. We faced a tight timeline, an antiquated user interface, a vast lawyer-based bio section, and the overarching requirements of legal industry constraints. It was time to get to work.

And thus, Wiley Rein became Wiley. The new name reinforces the firm’s highly focused perspective—but its functionality extends far beyond mere ease and elegance. Paired with a fresh design experience, imagery, and a custom wiley.law website, the new identity mirrors Wiley’s unique client-focused mindset, as well as more clearly defining its elite collection of practices. To bring it all together, we equipped the Wiley team with a pair of powerful overarching ideas poised to serve the brand well into the future: Wired into Washington. Felt across the world.


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