SmartLines mobile application created by Undabot

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SmartLines application (mobile application created by Undabot – design and development software company)

Undabot created an innovative mobile application that allows everyone who uses Lipa Mill notebooks to easily scan and share written materials. It is especially useful for students to help them adjust to this new remote way of attending school. Lipa Mill is a company under MAR-MAR which generates 70% of its revenue by exporting to more than 30 countries on three continents. Their product range includes school and office paper products, planners, notes, etc.

SmartLines application allows you to scan, crop and share your notes, drawings, recipes with such incredible ease! Smartlines application is compatible with Lipa Mill notebooks, which are equipped with smart markers. SmartLines recognizes the markers and automatically crops, adjusts contrast and brightness and scans your content, making it so much easier to read and even easier to share.

*Application is compatible with all notebooks / print materials; ideally application works best with Lipa Mill notebooks.


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