Wildlife Bank Trust

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Wildlife Bank was established to acquire, study, repair and protect priority landscapes by selecting areas rich in biodiversity and safeguard it for future generations.

Their land holds existing biodiversity value is a home for threatened species including Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, Spotted-tail quoll and Silver-leaved Mountain gums. It provides scientists and researchers with a place to study and deepen their understanding of environmental issues whilst extending habitats and corridors for threatened wildlife through bordering other conservation areas and national parks.

Baha Agency was commissioned to design Wildlife Bank’s brand strategy, brand guidelines and to create a responsive website that provides a clear and consistent digital communication channel between the Wildlife Bank and the community.

The Agency built the site on WordPress with the primary goal of increasing the awareness of Wildlife Bank and providing users with relevant information about the Wildlife Bank’s vision, mission, and unique places. User experience and user interface elements, combined with digital media, played an essential role in achieving this goal, displaying an easy to reach information and smooth navigability. Baha Agency’s digital designers naturally selected high impact and engaging videos, images, filters, and elements that blended seamlessly to portray a solid character of coherence, continuity and confidence founded with an accurate architecture.

The result is a distinctive website that creates a natural and emotional experience to convey messaging by triggering specific emotional responses whilst exceeding user expectations.


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