Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP): The Phoenix AR Photo Mural

Apps & Mobile | Augmented Reality

Visitors to The Phoenix Photo Mural experience public art unlike any other in the Metro Atlanta region. The web-based AR feature, developed by Dragon Army, activates using just a QR code and smartphone camera. Once activated, viewers experience a reality beyond the mural’s surface as The Phoenix takes flight, allowing a deeper look at the 20 individual photos that combine to form the artistic representation.

With the AR experience, the Phoenix can encompass all call to entry photography within uniquely designed tiles, bringing them together in a beautiful experience. Like an extreme version of the traditional museum card, it becomes a source of deep and personal information about how the artist sees and expresses Atlanta. From the technical side of the experience, we utilized several innovations.

New AR technology Zappar allowed us to build 3D AR experiences and deploy them to the web rather than a native app. This deployment means visitors who want to experience the installation can scan a QR code that immediately loads the immersive artwork with no need to download and run an app, meaning no barriers to entry. There is also no wifi needed, providing fast load times and instant gratification to the digital experience. This installation will occupy one of the most heavily trafficked public art spaces in Midtown Atlanta until 2024.


> The Phoenix AR Photo Mural (mobile only)
> Dragon Army