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Everglades City Airboat Tours is a family-run airboat experience tour operator with origins dating back to 1982. They’re proud of their heritage spanning four generations in the business as well as their faith—they are closed on Sundays while their competitors remain open for business. The competition is aggressive and growing exponentially. As the most significant part of the overall brand development campaign we were executing so they could compete more effectively, ECAT engaged us to design, write and develop a new website to re-establish their leadership position, express their core values and emphasize their belief in quality over quantity.

The site we created for them at EvergladesCity-AirboatTours.com capitalizes on original video footage, freshly written content, new professional photography and enhanced functionality. It also introduced a strategically chosen color palette of dark blue and moss green to match their fleet and differentiate the brand from their red-dominant competitors. We custom-crafted icons to highlight select content and add visual interest. Guests can now browse and buy branded merchandise from their gift shop and book reservations online. Our clients are ecstatically happy with their enhanced brand image, their increasing tour volume and the efficiency of the site’s all-new e-commerce capabilities.


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