The Sleep Ambassador Program

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There are THOUSANDS of social posts using hashtags like #SleepDeprivation, and the majority come from parents. Science shows new parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation! These exhausted parents spend time and money helping their child sleep better; meanwhile, their own sleep is suffering.

The D2C mattress industry has seen massive growth and segmentation thanks to the introduction of the mattress-in-a-box and industry-wide 90+ day refund policies. Most mattress companies use promotions and reviews to convince consumers their mattress is the solution to better sleep.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how comfortable a mattress is. If people (specifically parents) don’t have a good sleep environment and habits, their sleep will suffer. Our mission is to “reinvent sleep”—which means going way beyond moving their mattress inventory. To help fulfill this mission— aiding our audience in actually achieving better sleep—we created the Sleep Ambassador program.

This Sleep Ambassador Program educates parents on how to achieve better sleep through a combination of training and products—working to change the narrative that being a parent means you will never sleep again.

The Sleep Ambassador program actually PAYS tired parents to SLEEP. A revolutionary idea in the mattress industry as it breaks away from the traditional lip-service solutions to better sleep, and instead, seeing the process all the way through to helping individuals improve their health. This program gives ambassadors a new mattress as well as other things to help them sleep better; including, a sound machine, apps and even money for a babysitter. To help establish the brand as a true partner to tired parents, the program continues by educating parents through guides and expert training. Creating an experience that establishes the brand as a partner by helping parents prioritize their own rest.

The target audience for the sleep ambassador program is parents of young children. This includes single, couples, heterosexual, and homosexual couples who are parents of biological or adopted children still living at home.

The application process attracted attention and established our messaging of being a partner in rest and recovery. Then once ambassadors were selected, they shared their experience of creating a better sleep environment and creating healthier sleep habits with their own personal networks. This included their community in this experience, and inspired more people to prioritize their sleep. This allowed us to give the experience and information virtually to hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe, rather than just a few select people in an area.

With our audience invested in better sleep, they would now see our brand standing out from others in the industry because we’ve already proved that we are invested in them.

After announcing the program, applications to become Sleep Ambassadors flooded in through a form on the website. Applicants shared why this would change their lives. “Sleep Ambassadors” were selected from those applications. They received a new mattress along with other sleep aids to help create the optimal sleep environment.

Next, ambassadors received a sleep course as well as personalized consultations and a sleep consultation from an expert giving personalized recommendations to improve their sleep. Ambassadors implemented their personalized learnings, documenting the process along the way. As they shared their insights and the difference it made on their social channels, they inspired more tired parents to prioritize their own rest and recovery.

At the end of the 6-week campaign, our Sleep Ambassadors then had the opportunity to “pay it forward” by giving away a mattress to another individual they felt could benefit from it.

  • 530M impressions
  • 57% increase in revenue year-over-year
  • 93 media mentions
  • Established this mattress brand as a true partner for rest, recovery and sleep.
  • Improved sleep quality brand’s audience


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