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Fisk University, located in Nashville Tennessee, is one of just 37 Historically Black Colleges and Universities recognized under the UNCF Member Network. The school has been providing higher education to the African American community since 1866 and seeks to prepare both young adults and non-traditional students for bright futures.

The site was engineered to be attractive to the existing student population, prospective students, their families, and the staff working at the school. It needed to be streamlined in a manner in which all audiences could easily access information such as events, academic information, student/faculty portals, as well as a myriad of other content that had been previously lost in their website’s infrastructure. It showcases featured staff members, outstanding students, and the accomplishments of the institution while paying homage to the university’s 150 years of rich history in a unique display of custom graphics, overlays, and carousels.

This website was built with both the visitor and the webmaster in mind. The custom collection of widgets that we built to accommodate information helps display content in an attractive, yet organized fashion, and can be manipulated by Fisk’s designated staff as they desire. Images, verbiage, and page layout can all be altered by their webmasters to show the information they need to present to their students and faculty. The end product is something that both we and our client can be proud of.


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