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Tune in to explore the journey and learn from the success stories of entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into reality by turning them into successful businesses. Technology For A Change aims to educate listeners by having impactful conversations with one of the best business leaders in the industry.

Technology For Change explores the journey of successful entrepreneurs, and how someone took an idea and grew it into a successful business. We are coming forward with the aim to help bring a positive change in people’s life using technological solutions.

Our podcast is a unique initiative focused on finding inspiring stories within the tech fraternity around the globe and bringing them to the limelight. TekRevol aims to continue to discover the talent and help them get the attention they deserve in the greater public interest.

We invite people who deserve to be put in the spotlight and do our part in sharing their stories with the world. We genuinely believe in learning from the experience of others to understand different perspectives in order to make more informed decisions.


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