Hydroacoustics Inc. Website Design Project: Reducing Upstream Carbon Intensity

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Ground-up rethinking and redesign of the website for Hydroacoustics Inc. in Henrietta, New York. Based on the WordPress platform, this website’s centerpiece is the engaging and modern video content at the top of the Home page. The video tells the story of “The Greenest Barrel” alongside the technological authority of Hydroacoustics Inc. within the energy sector. Promoting the reduction of upstream carbon intensity through a new, innovative oil recovery tool, this website communicates a greener energy opportunity for the exploration & production of oil for the oil & gas industry.

Supporting responsible oil production, the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT) is a robust, reliable and replicable improved oil recovery (IOR) technology that requires no drilling and no chemicals.

This website redesign project focused on streamlining the website navigation, restructuring the page architecture for better SEO and better user experience. It consolidated written content into concise pieces complimented by high-quality imagery.

In the Oil Recovery Tool section of the website, the tool’s specifications and primary benefits are presented with a clean, corporate look and feel that makes it easy for the user to read.

About Hydroacoustics Inc.
Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency and underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulse technology.

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