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Elite Leadership Consulting Website Redesign Project

Our big goal for this project was to make Dynamic Shift Consulting stand out in a market saturated with “leadership consultants” that are watering down the profession as they all promise the same thing, in a very vague way and without a proven track record of leadership. Yet, none of them make it clear the hard work and sacrifices needed to become a great leader. We understood that Sean Bacon’s approach is different and not for everybody, yet indispensable for those people committed to achieving an elite leadership level.

We are also changing the conversation by using simple videos about the hard truth about leadership and using client portraits where people are serious and not the typical smiling picture; we want to showcase that people are dead serious regarding their careers.

We also wanted to leverage Sean Bacon’s charisma and how he looks at you when you talk to him. Our objective was to make you feel comfortable talking to him immediately (as opposed to images of him speaking to large audiences).


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