New eCommerce Website & Brand Refresh for Crispy Green

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Crispy Green started its journey in 2004, and now sells in over 7,000 stores in all 50 states. The COVID pandemic created a situation where more families were home, with kids eating all their meals and snacks at home. But it also created a situation for parents who needed to fulfill their weekly shopping activities online more. So Crispy Green, like a lot of brands, turned to eCommerce. They quickly realized that they needed professional support, so they turned to WISE Digital Partners. WISE was hired to refresh their brand’s image online, develop a better approach to eCommerce, design and build a new website, SEO, and eventually paid traffic strategies. What we ended up launching has already resonated well with customers and fans of the brand. We’re on our way to hitting this year’s sales goals, and have even bigger plans for 2023.


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New eCommerce Website & Brand Refresh for Crispy Green