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The Sales Geek App launched as an instantly accessible and FREE “sales trainer in your pocket resource”, offering round the clock, on-demand, just-in-time training for sales professionals around the world.

It is an ideal training solution for businesses with busy sales teams who are out on the road with only their phones or for individuals who are looking to develop their sales knowledge and skill-set at home as part of the personal development.

It is the world’s first free sales training app and perhaps the most disruptive thing to ever to happen in the sales training market. Obviously, we plan to market this aggressively over the coming years but we already have 1000’s of sales people who use it from around the world.

Free members have access to hundreds of hours of relevant Sales Geek training videos and podcast interviews with industry leaders.

There is a community forum on the app which allows users to chat and ask questions to their peers.

The feedback we have got has been excellent and it has all 5* reviews.


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