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We shared a historical story that foresaw a new chapter for the future of women in Iran.

On March 21st, 2022, the Iranian calendar read 01/01/01, marking the Iranian New Year and the start of the Nowruz celebrations. Our agency usually sends gifts for special occasions, but we chose a new way for the New Year via storytelling and cultural representation. Just six months after we shared this story, we found that it foresaw a new chapter for the future women of our nation.

01/01/01. These are not just numbers; these are promises of a new beginning. These numbers represented a message for Iranians, specifically Iranian women. They were suggestive of a new future and a suggestion to start their new year differently than in the past. A new season, a new day, a new year, and a new way.

We created a new narrative for the Nowruz based on a mythical treasure of Iran. In the mythology of ancient Iranians, the story of Mashya and Mashyana is equal to the origins story of Adam and Eve. However, this story is told differently, encompassing an artistic and sensitive view of Iranians. In this Iranian story, man was not driven away but became immortal with love, and what introduced us to love was indeed a woman. Iranians historically view a woman as the beginning of beginnings, the source of mana and immortality. In this story, with the power of love, the woman invites man to persevere and persevere to achieve the secret of life, which is manna and freedom.
In our video, we creatively and artistically used the symbols and beliefs of ancient Iran, each of which reminds us of the concepts of love, woman, life and the spirit of freedom.

Beyond our storytelling, our choice of media would play an important role in taking us in a new direction. We typically tailor our agency communications for our LinkedIn audience, as we see strong organic growth and interest from new clients and talent on the platform. High-value individuals frequent LinkedIn; we’ve observed that they appreciate when others know they engage with posts. This engagement increases reach and adds value to the content. Our foresight proved correct as we achieved views exceeding 4.5x that of our audience. We also received several inquiries for narrative-based videos from businesses in the market.

By producing our Nowruz video and returning to old Iranian beliefs, we aimed to bring the promise of a new and transformative event. To the amazement, six months later, a movement began. An assembly of brave women took freedom into their hands, capturing men’s and women’s attention worldwide. We’re still amazed at how we correctly depicted the transformative position of women months prior. This, however, is the duty of a creative agency. To think ahead. To create ahead. To assist change.


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