NCTC Website Redesign

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The National Content and Technology Cooperative (NCTC) is a nonprofit for independent broadband and pay-TV communications service providers in North America providing content, technology, and connectivity solutions to enable growth and innovation across the industry. Their website serves as both a public-facing website and a member portal. Comprise helped to revamp the design and functionality of the site to better align with updated company branding and ensure that members can easily access company resources and tools. Before this project, members would log in to view the site and be redirected to the homepage, where several links to additional resources were available, but not easily seen. These links have now been consolidated into a member dashboard for easy access and improved functionality while being separate from the information available to the public. The website was completely overhauled with both a new design as well as a new CMS (content management system) along with custom functionality to connect with current systems and applications. Comprise designed the site to ensure a modern interface and better user experience for all users.



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