GOPWA demystifies PWA for eCommerce

Apps & Mobile | Shopping

The GOPWA demo store is a bright example of how Progressive Web App technology can take online shopping experience to the next level.

We’ve spent 18,000+ hours perfecting the solution — so that merchants could save millions of dollars and months of work otherwise spent on building the webshop from scratch and optimizing it. Everything has already been taken care of, from built-in speed optimization tools to dozens of third-party integrations to boost customer experience and sales.

The website was created to demonstrate eCommerce business owners how their PWA-based webshop can look and feel from a visitor’s perspective. A neat user interface, modern design, high-speed webpage loading, and uninterrupted user experience, eye-catching UI features (such as easy filtering, optimized checkout, automated product comparisons, personalized recommendations, and much more) — that’s what online merchants can expect from implementing a ready-to-go GOPWA storefront for their eCommerce stores.

And it all gets much better when it comes to managing the webstore from the admin side: the GOMAGE team invested a lot of effort to make a storefront fully customizable for users without deep technical expertise. It all makes GOPWA the ultimate go-for solution for eCommerce store owners.


> GOPWA Demo Store