Media Distribution Portal Development for Antourage

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Leobit’s customer Antourage is a micro-content production suite that offers influencer-driven Fan Engagement as a Service. It consists of the management dashboard, broadcaster app, and Antourage Portal that enable sports entities to leverage authentic live streams while making the lives of brand managers and content creators easier.

Influencer culture is expanding, with some estimating that brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Antourage allows sports organizations to leverage influencers, or super fans, to create interesting, engaging content. The Distribution Network currently includes Brands like the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), and crypto-focused casino and sportsbook, PlayBetr.

One of these Antourage products, a Media Distribution Portal is fully built by Leobit, the strategic technology partner, a software development company based in Ukraine.

This Portal allows to livestream authentic Creator content directly onto Antourage’s and its partner’s channels (the “Distribution Network”), which includes streaming to website and app, as well as simulcasting to their social media accounts – for increased reach and marketing.

Key value points include:
– Exclusive live streaming capabilities for broadcasters and viewers, e.g. ability to go live on all platforms at once (social media platforms, own and the partner’s channels)
– Access to unique data and insights about viewership that content owners don’t have when streaming on social media
– Watch time for Antourage-streamed content is 15-20 times longer than videos on Twitter and Facebook, and 30-40 times longer than TikTok
– Seamless solution for publishing user-generated content to owned channels with influencers using their own device, from any location.

The provided website link shows the collaboration with the Swedish National Handball Federation to offer exclusive streaming of micro-content through the app.


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