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For Dajemy Slowo’s owners, their website is an important part of doing business. It attracts customers and is a vital component of the business funnel. As such, they wanted to improve a number of key areas.

The most important of these was security and stability. After a previous WordPress vulnerability, Dajemy Slowo wanted a website that was up to date, stable and highly secure.

Of course, the performance was equally important. When it comes to both performance and increasing leads, mobile optimization was a key priority. Dajemy Slowo did their research and knew that 42% of traffic came from mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly update would be essential for improving lead conversions.

From a practical point of view, there was also a need to remove reliance on developers. As a team of content specialists, the ability to edit the content on their own was an essential requirement – all while maintaining the previous security challenges.

Finally, as a creative agency, Dajemy Slowo’s owners wanted to show they were up to date with modern trends. A new website means a new design, and the agency had plenty of ideas on how to best ensure a strong first impression with potential new clients. Such an opportunity would not be missed. needed to establish the agency’s position in a new digital era: enthusiastic, highly performant and incredibly user-friendly!


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