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The selling points of Central Wyoming Counseling Center’s website are a well-thought-out user experience for this industry, a seamless nav and sub-navigation flow, easy access to the most viable click-through options, and a look and feel that actually speaks to the users, rather than a cold, impersonal, Medical-Jargon-Esque approach that many take to mental health.

It was imperative that the counseling center’s users be able to get to information quickly and reliably, especially if in crisis and we made sure that happened.

Central Wyoming Counseling Center has a plethora of vital information that has to be accessible via its site, and a lot of time was spent organizing a seamless navigation process for its users.

Our copy direction and look and feel were specifically designed to take an empathetic, yet practical approach to helping users face the uncertainty of reaching out for help, all while efficiently providing the information they need. In addition to user experience and organization, photography, campaign development, copy direction, and design are all valuable aspects of what make this website unique.


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