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Keeping in mind the changing paradigms of education structure in India, The Design Village is a design school with a strong, progressive pedagogical approach. TDV sought a new individualistic communication strategy design that reflected the institution’s commitment to unparalleled design education and a global outlook through a design program emerging from India.

The strong curricular presence in TDV’s values and approaches has also enabled them to collaborate with International institutions like Boisbuchet and L’ÉCOLE DE DESIGN NANTES ATLANTIQUE FRANCE which hosts TDV’s international summer/winter school workshops.

At White Pencil Studios, we leveraged a methodical approach, agile process, and started with a design perspective in mind, which helped us create an immersive digital experience for potential viewers that was seamlessly impactful. We had to make sure to uphold the values of the brand and build our strategy in sync with the vision of TDV.

By providing a holistic experience for TDV’s website and tuning it with the right content and intent, we were able to deliver an open-ended experience.

The numbers: 5% Decrease in bounce rate | 45% Increase in website visits | 50% Increase in CTA click-through rate.


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