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Breakfast is a creative music studio remixing the ingredients of the trailer music world. They are a band of sonic ninjas that are boldly breaking down audio cliches. They’re driven by a single guiding principle: to make people stand up and say “Whatever that was…I WANT MORE OF IT!”

We knew we were in for a ride when the client told us they wanted something ‘Bombastic!’ and they meant it! Studio315 dreamt up a series of beautiful collages that we get to play with to create a whacky but wonderfully vibrant site full of fun and movement. There are loads of little easter eggs for people to find and bits to play with and we had a lot of fun building it. We’ve got a panning sky, a coffee diver, a lighting sign, a mixing grapefruit, exploding cereal, the lot really…beyond that we also created a bespoke video integration so Breakfast’s fantastic trailers play completely seamlessly.


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