Zigma8 Website Design

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A website used to represent a company will often perform many tasks. These tasks will mostly center around the function of informing. Marketing, branding, and advertising agency websites, however, need to function to greater expectations. Not only must these websites inform, but they must also inspire. Therefore, how the content is displayed will be just as important as what content is displayed. To further complicate matters, agency websites show information to differing visitor types. Each of these visitor types will then make different critical judgments. In addition to this, its content needs to successfully present its information to non-human visitors, making it available to search engines and other online intermediates. Our challenge for the Zigma8 company website would consist of many different and complex challenges. Firstly, we would need to inspire and inform national and international clients. Secondly, we would need to stand out among the options available to those clients and the local talent. Lastly, we would need to do all of this in a way that would stand out to the interacting technologies.


In the age of information technology, information, at the least, needs to be accessible. To be accessible, we went beyond the expected computer languages and made our content available in many human languages. Not only this, we stayed true to our plan of making content informative and inspiring by optimizing the look per each language’s script. This effort would go unnoticed if not for the deep level of search-engine-optimization we implemented. We achieved this optimization on a computer language level as well as a human language level. Simply put, we targeted key search terms that were conventional and unconventional. We created content that not only functions fantastically but also appeals to our specific audience — those with a heightened sense of aesthetics. We achieved this by integrating some of the latest interactive code to make for a more immersive experience.


We created a seamless interactive experience that informs and inspires. Not only this, we made it accessible to various audience types. We achieved this by having many of our web pages ranked number one in many key search terms. The Zigma8 website now delivers regular inquiries from potential clients and receives resumés from the best talent available in the market.