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Let’s face it…B2B advertising gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s stands for “business-to-business.” But many in the industry tend to label it more as “boring-to-boring,” “bad-to-bad” or minimize it to “brochure-to-brochure.”

Recent research from the LinkedIn B2B Institute and System1 reveals 75% of B2B creative is “ineffective.” So, why exactly is creativity oftentimes sucked out of B2B creative?

That’s because B2B marketing can feel tricky. Unlike B2C marketing strategies, brands aren’t trying to reach a single person with purchasing power. It’s often a team of stakeholders and company leaders who determine which product, service or brand will be utilized. In fact, Gartner reports that there typically are 6+ decision makers in the B2B process. Each tend to have varying rationales that affect their decision.

There’s also a much greater cost to the buyer for making a mistake. After all, we’re potentially talking millions of dollars versus a $3 coffee. Make the wrong decision and you’re fired — that’s serious business.

Most business-to-business marketing strategies are, as a result of this, more formal and straightforward. And many people fall into the belief that B2B marketing should be serious — that you can’t have as much fun with it as you can have with consumer-focused brands.

Ironically enough, B2B research firm SiriusDecisions found that 80% of purchasing decisions are based on the buyer’s experience with the brand — only 20% are based on price or the actual offering.

B2B marketing is ripe for creativity, innovation, and even a bit of humor. As Texas’ most-awarded B2B branding agency, Spire sought to separate itself from the “Boring 2 Boring” agencies, and instead position itself among of the strongest creative agencies in the Lone Star State.

The result in a non-conventional B2B website that is bold, vibrant and creative that is also rich in B2B content, while also showcasing our culture.


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