SEO Case Study for Malaysian Bank (Hong Leong Bank)

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The Challenge

Hong Leong Bank was experiencing disruptive marketing in the digital space from their competitors, which resulted in stagnant rankings on search results and slow growth in new traffic. With the cost of paid advertising going into exhaustion, Hong Leong Bank needed a cost-effective solution that will bring a bigger competitive advantage in order to drive conversions. In response, Sterrific devised a comprehensive SEO campaign to tackle this.

The Sterrific Solution – Be in Google’s Favour

We have successfully increased the number and quality of traffic that converts through organic means by improving search visibility for intent-driven keywords non-branded terms, including those in the awareness and consideration stages that are within the target demographic. This is achieved by implementing an outreach strategy on relevant premium domains for quality backlinks that meet the required authority metric.

With content being Google’s top ranking factor, we have specially curated optimised content with high informational value that not only plays into Google’s favour, but also establishes Hong Leong Bank as an authority and trustworthy figure among its audience.

Along with content optimisation, we also ran regular technical checks to monitor site health, which addressed potential issues such as indexability, crawlability, site speed, device responsiveness, and link management. By resolving these issues as they come, we strengthen the SEO performance before it takes a hit.

Campaign Highlights

Keywords Ranked (3 December 2021 – 2 December 2022) Total Keywords Ranked : 42,207 vs 75,918 (+79.8%) Keywords in Top 10 : 7,488 vs 10,698 (+42.8%) Keywords in Top 3 : 4,404 vs 5,749 (+30.5%) Non-branded Keywords Ranked : 27,234 vs 39,574 (45.3%)

Examples of Non-branded Keywords on First Page

Keywords: Banks near me, Personal loan, Pinjaman peribadi, House loan calculator, Housing loan calculator, Personal loan calculator, Fixed deposits, Debit card

SERP Features

Featured Snippets : 3,264

Knowledge Card : 3,364

Knowledge Panel : 2,770

People Also Ask: 11,159


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