Photonis Defense website redesign project: Innovation

Website | Experimental / Innovative

This website redesign project focused on streamlining the website navigation, restructuring the page architecture for better SEO and better user experience, and employing custom features to give the website a stylish high-tech look and feel.

The Home page’s unique on-hover carousel navigation features high resolution and striking imagery that hits home the cutting-edge innovation of Photonis Defense technology and products.

Another innovative aspect of the website is its Distributor Map, featuring an interactive map of the United States and on-hover action that shows the company logo, website link and company contact information for each of the individual distributors.

In the Products sections of the website, each page is accented with a very detailed Specifications table designed with subtle contrasting colors that make it easy for the user to read the detailed technical specifications and measurements for each product.

About Photonis Defense
Photonis Defense is a premier provider of innovative advanced photon, neutron, and electron sensors to original equipment manufacturers, designs and manufactures high power, broad band microwave power amplifiers, combining both vacuum electronics and solid-state technologies, and is a leading supplier of night vision systems and image intensifier tubes for military and commercial application.

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