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Insa is a cannabis company located in the Northeast USA—currently selling for medical and recreational uses (in their own stores, but also wholesale) in Massachusetts, and have just launched medical in Pennsylvania (where recreational is not yet legalized).

The ability to understand and design a brand that successfully projects a company’s people, mission, craft, and product faithfully is on full display for Insa. Avoiding cannabis tropes and focusing on the local character of Insa’s New England customers, we tapped into visual elements inspired by craft, trade, and agriculture to resonate with everyday working folks for whom cannabis hits the spot.

Although marijuana is becoming more accepted and common; learning, understanding and navigating the industry is still a huge obstacle for consumers. Insa set out to assist people to feel comfortable coming to the brand with questions and be a source of education for people of all ages and knowledge levels.
Through a market that is only becoming more saturated, Insa came to us with determination and a little bit of grit to stand out against competitors and alleviate the struggles consumers face with navigating trustworthy, credible, and reliable dispensaries no matter where they are located nor the legalities of their current location – all while imbuing the artistry and craftsmanship behind cultivating cannabis to their audiences.

The Insa web presence did nothing less than provide consumers with “cannabis for real life.” engages audiences through a variety of means; photography, video, and illustration driven fully by a vintage mid-century blue collar aesthetic that celebrates the “everyman” who isn’t in it for the glitz and glamor, but one that calls a spade a spade and at the end of the day wants a reliable, high-quality, source of cannabis to enjoy and benefit from.

Information surrounding the cannabis industry can be often off the mark and the best way to get the honest truth is hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. With the revived digital space, Insa was able to connect with all audiences; rookies, connoisseurs, and the curious to provide a direct line of communication with audiences through their ‘Ask Insa Chat’, 50’s inspired phone service callouts, and custom dispensary locator.

The rules in one state may not fly in another. Facing the differing legalities across state lines, Insa’s new digital space guides their audiences through their own state specific experience that puts the relevant, the useful, and the handy information forward.


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