Nashville International Airport Website

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The Nashville International Airport, also known as BNA, serves Nashville, Tennessee, and connecting locations. Their website’s functionality includes features such as interactive maps, streamlined organization, and dynamic search features. It was designed “mobile-first.” This means that although it looks great on a desktop or laptop computer, it looks even better on your mobile device. We understand that many people visiting the website are on the move, so we wanted to be sure the content and information were easy to access in a mobile setting.

In order to further accommodate mobile users, we implemented a custom mobile menu using jQuery that utilizes collapsible panels in an attempt to present a large number of options to the user without overwhelming them with all of the information at once. We also created a filterable database search that allows users to find a place to dine or shop, based on the location and category of the business. Each vendor has its own dedicated page where they can present specials and additional information about their business.

All of these tools, and the website as a whole, were designed and created within stylistic parameters of the BNA branding guidelines, which were recently updated to be more appealing to their audience. Subtle effects were applied throughout the interactive design of their site to keep the aesthetic fresh, without being too overdone or distracting.


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