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The MyLady Ultra Launch Event: Challenging Taboos and Empowering Women in Iran

Across the Middle East, the topic of women’s periods is often shrouded in taboo. In Iran, the issue is not freely discussed, partly due to the presiding conservative and Islamic culture, where discussing women’s bodies has been deemed inappropriate. This has also extended to advertising products related to women’s periods, particularly in television advertising, with restrictions imposed by the government perpetuating the taboo.

However, the MyLady brand, the pioneering provider of sanitary towels in Iran, sought to challenge these societal norms and create a space for conversation amidst overarching restrictions. They teamed up with our agency to launch the MyLady Ultra product, aiming to showcase the product’s capabilities and empower and inspire women in Iran.

Our approach was to provide a transformative event experience for women and to reach a critical mass of women through the help of 15 female social media influencers. These influencers had a combined following of over 4.7 million, making it possible to reach a large audience and spark a meaningful conversation about women’s periods.

The launch event was designed to be innovative and inspiring, with eight Ultra Experiences to engage and educate the influencers and their followers. These experiences included a chauffeured invitation journey and a lavish welcome with live music performances. The influencers enjoyed a full-sensory experience with live cello and flute music, which extended to a live countdown reveal with 3D mapping and video projection. Lastly, we welcomed conversation at a proofing station while demonstrating MyLady’s technological advancements for comforting women even as national and international restrictions increase.

Each of these experiences was carefully crafted to showcase the product’s unique features and capabilities. The event was decorated with branded velvet drapes to symbolise the ultra-thinness and softness of the product and provide an immersive experience. The technological superiority of the MyLady Ultra product was demonstrated through an animated history of sanitary towels, specifically highlighting women’s empowerment.

Music played a vital role in the event, with live performances by female musicians. This action challenged cultural norms while emphasising the transformative power of technology and music in improving women’s experiences. This was showcased by the power of social media and exemplified in each of the 15 Instagram stories shared by each influencer.

The response to the event was overwhelmingly positive, with the client, influencers and attendees praising the innovative and transformative experience provided. MyLady’s Senior Brand Operation Manager, Pantea Khosravi, commented on the event’s success, saying, “it was a unique experience,” while Negar Sharafeddin, Head of Marketing, thanked us for the “brilliant management of the event.”

In conclusion, the MyLady Ultra Launch Event was a ground-breaking initiative aimed at challenging cultural taboos and empowering women in Iran. Through the help of female social media influencers and a transformative event experience, we were able to reach millions of women and spark a meaningful conversation about women’s periods. By providing a platform for women to openly discuss and learn about this critical topic, we aim to continue breaking down barriers and improving experiences for women in Iran and the Middle East.


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