Website Design & Brand Refresh for Brierton, Jones & Jones, LLP

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Brierton, Jones & Jones is one of the few law firms in San Diego County that focuses exclusively on probate, trusts and estates, and they have offering their legal expertise for over 30 years. Their award-winning attorneys are known for being compassionate professionals and skilled problem solvers.

BJJ came to WISE Digital Partners in late 2020 for help developing client leads online. Their existing website was a challenge to start, but we did get leads coming in rather quickly (in fact, we delivered over 1,200 leads to it). The problem was that we didn’t see the same level of conversion to the site that all our other legal clients saw on a regular basis from the websites we designed and built them. BJJ’s existing website was slow, there was very little original assets (all stock images), and the sitemap and structure were all wrong.

After looking at the data, BJJ gave us the green light to begin building a new website in the summer of 2020.

What we have today is a law firm website designed to drive business growth. A fresh new design was combined with new messaging, copy and a dominating SEO and PPC strategy built into it.

We’re all very happy with the outcome, and the results already show significant signs of improvement.


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