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Pusula provides insight into sales strategies through 15 different menus, 258 product types, 100+ different metrics. An end-to-end experience is provided where they can see their sales targets, access news and success stories about corporate sales, make their voices heard and perform their daily transactions.

5 basic gains such as Creation of Corporate Memory, Digitalization, Sales Efficiency, Operational Efficiency and Information Security were realized with Compass. Corporate Memory, 500+ internal announcement entries, 350 Corporate Success Stories were shared through the platform and Compass became an internal communication channel. An Instantly Traceable Structure was established through Digitalization, 15 Menus, 100+ Analytical Reporting and Digital Platform. Sales Efficiency, Operational Efficiency, Corporate Sales Employees’ manual reports from 9 different platforms and their instant information needs provide a monthly benefit of 1.5 man/day with PUSULA. For Information Security, LDAP password integration, an authorization and user-based data viewing system, was provided.

It is an application that guides sales and provides operational efficiency with the analytical solutions it offers through digitalization and accessibility by making Corporate Memory sustainable. With instant data access, customers are provided with fast information and the daily operational workload is reduced. It is a platform that can manage and monitor activities to increase company revenue and profitability. It offers a reportable structure with logging, development of search feature with artificial intelligence, optimization of mail traffic. The technology is open to development and is positioned as a digital data assistant model for users. 500+ in-company announcement entries, 350 Corporate Success Stories are shared within the platform, making it an in-company communication channel. Thanks to the instant data access structure, Sales managers quickly evaluate the demands during customer visits, and with the ease of information access, it differs from sector competitors that do not have these screens.

With the transfer of corporate knowledge to the digital platform, it has contributed to digitalization with consistent, single platform access. ML Technologies have increased corporate intelligence with data analysis. For example, 16 Billion Revenue Forecasts have become analytically traceable.

Instead of waiting for the reports announced at the end of the quarter, the Sales Team has access to instant data. It contribute to the determination of sales strategies to achieve targets by instantly seeing the performance of the sales team during the quarter. With instant access to 10,000+ customer order details per month, sales forecasts contribute to target realizations. With instant access to analytical data, 960 hours of workforce have been gained and contributed to operational efficiency.

Instead of the information and analysis kept manually by the sales manager, it has contributed to the correct decision-making of all teams with information presented at the same level, consistent with the basic sales metrics such as projected-realized tracking, customer growth, increasing product penetration, etc. on platform.

In Advanced Sales Navıgator Product Recommendation with Artificial Intelligence, the basis of the algorithm is based on evaluating the predictions produced by multiple decision trees by combining them together. It finds customers with the same characteristics and recommends similar products to these customers.


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