Hive Digital and Altium – Gaining Ground

Advertising & Marketing | SEO

Hive Digital has provided technical SEO and content recommendations, which has directly led to an increase in keyword coverage, rankings, and market share.

Altium employs a small in-house marketing team that needed a full hands-on approach to develop systems and strategies for SEO. Hive Digital was asked to scale resources in order to execute those strategies while functioning like an internal team.

Specific objectives requested:

  • Increase in traffic for branded and non-branded terms
  • Assist with the redesign of the homepage
  • Expand rankings/traffic into non-English markets
  • Continued focus on helping other business units understand responsibilities for SEO

The customer’s target audience is electrical engineers working in various roles and work environments related to the planning, design, creation, and manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

The strategy to reach and convert this audience required a concerted effort across multiple teams to correct technical issues and bad content and eliminate rogue releases. Hive Digital coordinated new content creation, building awareness around Altium’s products by highlighting features, solutions, and best practices for PCB design. The goal was to get the brand in front of the customer when they were trying to solve design problems.


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