Empowering People to Prepare for Climate-Affected Hazards with The Emergency App

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Climate change is causing more extreme weather events, and communities are routinely being devastated by these tragic disasters. American Red Cross has worked for decades to get that life-saving information into people’s hands for emergency preparedness. However, their methods of pamphlets and training just weren’t having the impact they would have liked to see. More lives could be informed and therefore saved if they were able to access that vital information.

The non-digital methods of preparing for disasters were not reaching a wide enough audience, and there was an obvious need for a solution – specifically a mobile app that could educate people so they would know what to do in emergency situations, alert them when they’re in immediate danger and provide all the tools they need to make sure their friends and family are safe. It needed to allow users to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

That is exactly what the Emergency App does

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